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"WELCOME to the Realms of Demon's Gate, mortal one! This website is thine aid to unravel the secrets of one of the very finest of MUD's on the Internet! Explore vast countries, walk the streets of fabled cities, feel the hairs on thy neck rise as thou slowly progress through dark and old caves and crypts!"

"But beware, gentle traveller, for thy path will be fraught with peril and thou shouldst be prepared for tricky challenges for both thine blade as well as thy wits and skills. From the comfort of a hobbit hole in the Shire, to the splendour of Tar Valon, from the glories of Esgorim to the vast plains of Berendien thy quest will take thee to the far corners of the world! Only thy actions can determine if thou wilst triumph and live the life of a monarch, or perish as a miserable pauper at the hands of the pirate king."

"Take comfort, however in the new knowledge and abilities that guild membership can bring thee. Whether thy future lies as a powerful mercenary, or as a mage of the tower, with the Children of Light, or the unholy Khiraa, be sure that thou can choose thy lot in life. As hobbit, elf, dwarf or human; blacksmith, thief or guard, carve out thy reputation and grow stronger. Tackle the harshest of foe in combat, or pit thy wits against the many devious puzzles within - the future is thine for the making..."

"Demon's Gate is a text-based roleplaying game. You travel through a richly described world communicating with other players through commands you write on your terminal."

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