demon's gate

about dg

Demon's Gate is a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) located in Sweden. As you log on, you create your alter ego to control in the Realm's of the game. You choose the race and basic skills of your charatcer as you create him, and is tossed into the world. Choose your race carefully! Once selected, you are stuck with it, unless you find some powerful magic within the game to change it. Read the information here concerning the races and you should have no difficulties selecting one!

Once within the game, you will have the opportunity to do pretty much whatever you want. We recommend that you carefully explore the regions around your start location first. Try to stay away from any forms of combat for as long as possible, as the newcomers to Demon's Gate are pretty much helpless when it comes to the art of war. Skillfully explore and solve the small quests around you. Talk to people, ask them about how you can help them and so forth. When you feel ready for it, you can take the next ship away from the domain and start exploring the other ones!

Once you get to know a couple of other players, you might consider joining a guild. A guild will grant your character access to training halls wheree you can learn new skills, and improve others. Most guilds also grants special abilities, such as spellcasting, special attacks and other abilities.

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