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You are expected to follow a limited set of rules while playing here on Demon's gate. These rules are here to give everyone a reasonable chance to have fun and enjoy this game which it's all about. For most people these rules are just common sense, but they should still be stated here as general information of what's allowed or not. These are the rules wizards will enforce, and breaking them can in some cases lead to destruction of your character.

The five basic rules are:

  1. You are not allowed to have more than one character logged on at the same time. This includes linkdead characters as well. You are allowed to have as many characters you want though, as long as the characters have no contact whatsoever.
  2. Harassing other players and preventing them from having fun and enjoying the game is not allowed. This includes sexual harassment, serial killings of other players and other things as well. Use your common sense and think how you would like to be treated by other mortals, and this rule will be very easy to follow.
  3. Your player has to be interactive. Using clients or other means to create a robot playing the game without someone behind the keyboard controlling is forbidden. Using a MUD-client to make it easier to play is allowed as long you are still in control of your character.
  4. Using or exploiting bugs is forbidden. Report the bug instead and leave it as is.
  5. It is not allowed to run people through quests. This means leading people around telling them exactly what to do. Giving someone a quest solution is also considered cheating. However, giving another mortal a clue when they are stuck on a quest and ask for help is allowed, but try to avoid direct answers like go 3w and search the barrel to still give the one asking for help a chance to enjoy figuring out the quest on his own.

Additional notes & clarifications

The above 5 rules were deliberately left vague to cover almost any situation, and are always open to interpretation by the Arch of Players and Keeper. Rules infractions are always judged on a case by case basis. However the following points are very important:
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